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Monday, January 20, 2014

Harpo playing bubbles

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Live in What You Love with Victoria’s Secret PINK

Onward to Oregon!

Well, it's that time. It came faster than I realized, but it's here. I'm on my way to Oregon!!! I'm typing this in the Anchorage airport. It's sunny and "warm" outside (by AK standards anyway). In a week when I'm back here, it will be the middle of the night and dark (but not too dark, since this is Alaska.) My flight to Portland leaves at 12:35 p.m. and lands in PDX at 5:05 - exactly four and a half hours. Yayyyyyyyy. :P Excited to see people! I'll be updating Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare/etc periodically. But for now I think I'll get off the computer and wander around before I have to be on a plane for hours and hours... :D See you all in the Pacific time zone!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I can has happy update?

I'm good at taking care of plants. Really.

I've just been really busy this past week, what with work and Crabfest and radio and everything. So when my mom informed me that my herb garden was looking pretty wilted, my first thought was, "I have plants?"

My second thought was, "Oh no, I'm a horrible plant mother!"

As I watered my plants, my mind randomly wandered to my poor neglected blog. The last post I put on here was dated sometime in March, and it was really depressing. So now I'm going to give you a happy update on what's been going on here in Kodiak.

First off, we moved! When the owner of our previous house informed us that he had found a buyer, we started on a frantic search for someplace to live. We ended up finding a house about 5 minutes out of town with a BEAUTIFUL view of the water and the mountains, and moved in over Mother's Day weekend as we kind of tag teamed with various people being at work and off work. Eventually it all worked out, and now we're pretty much all moved in!

We celebrated the completion of our move, as well as the holiday weekend, today with a BBQ at our house. We invited pretty much everyone we knew, and we had a bunch of people, as well as four dogs! We have so much food left over, and we're all tired, but it was so worth it. It was a fantastic end to a busy weekend full of work, radio, and...

...the 2012 Kodiak Crab Festival! This is the big event of the year, much as the Old Fashioned Festival is in Newberg, the Rose Festival in Portland, or the Eugene Celebration -- except on a much smaller scale of course. There are commemorative sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats and more, which begin going on sale at Commfish (a fishing trade show that takes place in mid-April) in anticipation of the event.

This year marked my very first Crab Festival, so it took me almost a full day just to take it all in. Luckily, it lasts for five days. The event is centered around a midway with vendor booths, food booths and carnival rides (the latter are shipped in from a company based in Chugiak, which I thought was pretty cool) set up at the harbor, which provides a fitting backdrop for the festivities. In addition, there are a variety of other events surrounding the festival, such as a bike race from Pasagshak (about a 75-minute drive from town) to Kodiak, a 9-mile run up and down Pillar Mountain, the Ididarock (which combines the previous events with a one-mile swim at the local pool), Coast Guard rescue demonstrations and a survival suit race, a parade, and so much more.

I can't mention Crabfest without talking about the food. In addition to your typical carnival fare such as cotton candy, kettle corn and caramel apples, there were many items for sale that were unique to Kodiak. Some of my favorites were: giant turkey legs (imagine a caveman gnawing on a dinosaur drumstick and you get the idea), two taco trucks (one of which is owned and operated by one of my coworkers), Bruin burgers (a dough pocket filled with a hamburger helper-type filling and then deep fried), dough buoys (Kodiak's take on doughboys or "elephant ears"), bacon-wrapped scallops, hand-dipped chocolate ice cream bars with huge almond chunks, homemade chicken soup, and probably the most popular booth, a huge plate of crab legs, which always sold out early every day.

When I wasn't at Crabfest or at work, I was at KMXT, the public radio station I volunteer at. I started out doing Nightlite every other Sunday with Kathrynn, then started doing it on my own, then started filling in for other shows. I've now done Nightlite, Friday Night Oldies, Ritmo Latino (Saturday night), Spruce Tip Brew (Wednesday night) and World Music (Monday). This weekend found me doing three nights of radio in a row, which is unusual, but it was fun.

Now Memorial Day's almost over and another week of work begins tomorrow, so I suppose it's time to end this post for now. But I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


At about 100 pounds, Dozer still is convinced that he's a lap dog. He will wrestle on the floor with you without trying to hurt you, snuggle on the couch and give doggy kisses.

Sometimes, though, he turns on you without warning and becomes a snarling monster, lunging at you with teeth bared.

This is the reason why tomorrow, we'll be putting Dozer down.

I understand why we have to do this. It's dangerous to us to have such an unpredictable dog in the house, who could attack us at any moment. And we'd never be able to take him outside again, because we can't know whether or not he'll attack, possibly kill another dog or human.

Still, it's a sad situation to be in. Dozer's so young. He's only four years old and still has lots of puppylike energy. On his good days, he loves to run on the beach or just cuddle with his daddy on the couch. His favorite thing in the world is chasing sticks. He had his whole life ahead of him, but it'll all be taken away from him tomorrow.

So tomorrow I'll wake up and get ready for work, while trying not to notice the kennel in the corner of the room. I won't even be able to say goodbye to Dozer because there's too much of a chance he could attack me. I'll go to work and try to go about my everyday duties while trying not to think about what's going on down the road at the vet. I'll come home and see the kennel that will never again be occupied, the dog bed that no one will lie on again, the food bin that will never again be opened.

It's always painful to lose a dog. And even though I've known this one for only about a month and a half, he was one of my first friends in this new place. I'll miss him forever.

RIP Dozer. I know all dogs go to heaven, and I know there'll be a special place for you, with lots of rawhide and sticks. :')

Love you,
Nicole ♥

Thursday, March 15, 2012




Burberry yellow coat
$1,335 -

Etro wide leg pants
$710 -

Vans shoes
$37 -

Dooney Bourke top handle bag
$298 -

Ray-Ban wayfarer shades
$160 -

POP lip makeup
$16 -

Essie nail polish
$8 -

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I know I'm making the right decision.

But why does it have to be so difficult?

Realistically, I know I can't just keep spending a shit ton of money to live in Eugene (which apparently isn't a shit ton according to Asshole Roommate, who has a full-time job and makes bank and therefore doesn't know what expensive is) while I keep failing to graduate, year after year. And my mom and stepdad continue to amaze me with their support and eagerness to have me move out of my apartment and go up to Alaska to live with them.

I need to get out of Eugene. I can't live this way anymore, in this shitty apartment with roommates who honestly couldn't give a rat's ass whether or not I'm even still alive, having to wait until everyone's out/asleep to come home so I don't have to make awkward conversation or explain my existence to them.

I'm continually depressed about my school situation. Everyone I graduated high school with is now out of college. Even the ones who took a bonus term are gone now. My advising appointment last week didn't give me a promising outlook either: if I took 16 credits per term, including summer, and passed all my classes, the earliest I could graduate would be the end of winter term 2013. My financial aid will likely run out either this term or next.

I'm stressed out. The job market here in Eugene is slim, even for part-time work. The likelihood of improvement even after I supposedly graduate is slim. I'd be lucky to get any job, much less one that will allow me to pay rent and bills while also paying off my thousands of dollars in student loans.

It's gotten to the point where I have trouble sleeping. A day where I don't entertain the idea of playing in highway traffic to avoid having to deal with my dismal future is increasingly rare and far between.

All these are reasons why moving to Alaska is, in all honesty, the right decision. I'm excited to get the fuck out of here and start a new life where no one knows me, no one hates me, I haven't burned bridges with anyone.

At the same time, I feel terrible. I've made so many amazing friends while here in Eugene, many of whom I'll likely ever see again once I'm gone. Same goes for my dad, my siblings, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.

My favorite cousin, who's currently a sophomore in high school, wants to go to UO to study music. She made this decision largely because of my influence. She looks up to me. She was looking forward to moving down to Eugene and living with me, and we would be the best roommates ever. None of that can ever happen now. I'll probably never see her again.

Other members of my family, who I already never see enough as it is, are going to hate me forever, because by leaving, I'm basically taking a huge shit on everything they've ever done for me.

I'll have to give up all the freedom I had while living here in Eugene. I'll be back with my parents, and it'll be like high school all over again. I won't be able to go anywhere. They'll make me go to church, a place I've never felt comfortable. Going out to Taylor's, Rennie's, Max's, going to the mall just for the hell of it, going to the library and literally having the world at my fingertips..that's all over.

I know I should appreciate this chance to start fresh in a new place. Lots of people don't get this opportunity, and they just have to deal with how much their lives suck.

I just wish it didn't hurt this much.